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  • Aries

    March 21-April 20
    A fanatic energy emerges from within Aries this month as your creative endeavors, and your desire for independence make their way to the forefront of your concern. Read More

  • Taurus

    April 21- May 21
    The universe is working with Taurus in mysterious ways during this first month of the year. The earthy creator that is Taurus should spend the next month manifesting space in their life that encourages spiritual growth. Read More

  • Gemini

    May 22- June 21
    You might have a tendency of “putting the blinders on” this month and focusing solely on your own problems. Why not? Read More

  • Cancer

    June 22-July 22
    Sometimes you have to raise your voice even if the only foreseeable reaction is negative. There are aspects of your being that have somehow been slighted by those around you. Read More

  • Leo

    July 23- August 22
    This month allows you to focus on the unique energies that only you can bring into this world. Take note of the significant vitality that you offer into your interactions.  Read More

  • Virgo

    August 23-September 23
    This month you are granted the determination to push forward with tasks that may have been somewhat impossible in the past. The reason these past obstacles seem less daunting at the present point is thanks to an inner progress that has somehow grown out of the stress of the holidays.Read More

  • Libra

    September 24-October 23
    Your ego will be tested this month in ways you may not be expecting. There are aspects of your personality that you’ve embedded into the core of your being, beliefs that have through one way or another taken root and grown into more durable characteristics. Read More

  • Scorpio

    October 24-November 22
    A nervous sort of anxiety punctuates the beginning of this month for the mentally alert Scorpio. As this weird energy fades into the distance you emerge with a sharpened wit and a boldly overbooked schedule.Read More

  • Sagittarius

    November 22-December 21
    You may have to grow comfortable with working with your demons this month if you haven’t already practiced this ability. Quitting anything cold turkey seems to be the preferred, albeit most dangerous, form of dropping a habit, but it leaves little room for the sort of mindful growth that Sagittarius craves out of life. Read More

  • Capricorn

    December 22- January 20
    This month presents a disorganized array of astrological transits that may prevent the usually-grounded Capricorn with a great deal of confusion. Don’t allow this moment’s induction into the unknown to lead you astray on your path to actualization. Read More

  • Aquarius

    January 21- February 19
    There’s something about the Aquarian intellect that others find mentally appealing and thought-provoking on all fronts. Maybe it has something to do with the time of year they chose to come into this world. Read More

  • Pisces

    February 20 – March 20
    The beginning of this month offers you insight into finding your own inner harmony in the world. The subjectively obsessed Pisces have a hard time nailing down what it is exactly that keeps them going in a world that is seemingly full of hopelessness and despair.Read more