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  • 11

    March 21-April 20
    The key to maintaining your regular enthusiasm and zest for life this July is flexibility. An opposing force of rigid authority may be ailing you at this moment. Read More

  • 10

    April 21- May 21
    This month will provide you with a sense of friendliness and generosity that is meant to be spent and shared with others. Despite this flowery outlook on life, you should remember to maintain a sense of self-awareness and discretion this month. Read More

  • 9

    May 22- June 21
    The urge to veer off the beaten path and venture into uncharted territory may burden the easily distracted Gemini this month. No matter how many signs point you in the opposite direction you’ll still want to go off course and blaze your own trail. This is completely natural for the high-spirited adventurer in you, but remember to practice some sort of strategy with your impulsive desires. Read More

  • 7

    June 22-July 22
    This month your spiritual sensitivity is increased ten-fold. A psychic romanticism takes a hold over you and you may find yourself caught in the eye of a beautiful storm of intuition. Read More

  • Leo

    July 23- August 22
    Early this month your demeanor will take on an unusually playful tone. If life is a game, then you’re the type of player who makes it worth watching.  Read More

  • 6

    August 23-September 23
    This month your foresight experiences a boost in a very positive direction. Any plans or organizational activities you take on will go over easily. Read More

  • 5

    September 24-October 23
    A call to action invigorates you to manifest your wildest dreams this month. You have put a decent amount of work into the comprehension of your emotional and spiritual landscape, whether or not you have been conscious of this progression. Read More

  • 4

    October 24-November 22
    There was an aggressive and restless energy that has recently been lifted off of the world. With this release, you should find your everyday activities a little more meditated and serene. Read More

  • 3

    November 22-December 21
    Even the most focus-driven optimist may be finding it hard to keep their positive thoughts afloat during these spiritually challenging times. Turn on the television and take a look at the people parading in expensive suits and dresses trying to sell you something, or in the political case trying to sell you your freedom. Read More

  • 2

    December 22- January 20
    This summer will challenge Capricorns sense of integrity. The strong-willed sign of the goat is readily prepared for the challenge, but some studying and reflection may be necessary before going horns-first into this intellectual proving ground. Read More

  • 8

    January 21- February 19
    The forever truth-seeking Aquarius is bound to be overly-curious this month. You are not content with superficial matters and are mentally willing and intellectually energetic enough to get to the bottom of the deeper issues that affect you at this moment. Read More

  • 1

    February 20 – March 20
    here is always a way to squeeze a little bit more out of life and this month you are equipped for the job. An overworked Pisces runs the tendency of coping with stress through escapist and potentially dangerous activities. Read more